Online Building Science Courses for Individuals

Our courses are for everyone involved in building energy efficient homes. It is the affordable way to learn how energy efficient houses save money on power bills and provide comfort. Taking courses online is convenient. You login using a web browser any time you want. The system remembers where you left off and you can go back and review previous lessons at any time.



  • Keep up-to-date with energy efficiency construction technology
  • Earn valuable BPI Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Be able to explain the value of energy efficiency to clients and coworkers


  • Courses developed by experienced construction professionals
  • Much lower cost than in person training
  • Access via web browser whenever you want, 24/7

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Course Example: Stack Effect
Example: 'Learn more...' button

BHE courses use animations, graphics, and videos to illustrate the science behind energy efficient home construction.

A voice over narration clearly explains each concept. Clickable buttons take you to more information on a topic and to scenario learning exercises.


Course Example: Water Vapour
Example: Top menu and lower navigation bar

The courses are made up of topics that you  access from the top menu. The navigation bar along the bottom lets you jump back or forward, pause, replay, and set the volume.

There are learning exercises to help you understand the topics, and quizzes to check your progress. If you need to review material you can do so at any time. Our goal is to make sure you can take the final test  (no trick questions!!!) with confidence and succeed in getting your certificate of completion.


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