Building Science Learning Solutions for Companies

Blue House Energy courses are an affordable, convenient way to understand the science behind energy efficient house design and construction.

For companies involved in products or services for the home construction industry, our training is a great way to ensure your employees can speak with confidence and expertise. Give your sales teams the knowledge they need to outperform your competition.

Our core courses can be extended with add-on modules to address product- or technology-specific content that you require for your employees. We also offer white-labeling so the courses you deliver are branded to your organization. Our online learning system enables us to provide a private education channel for your employees, which you can control.

BHE training saves you time, money, and effort. Compared to creating your own training course, our customizable solution will cost you less, and get you up and running much faster.

All courses are accessed online through a web browser, 24/7. The system remembers where students left off, and let's them can go back and review previous lessons at any time. As an administrator you can view student metrics through the learning system interface to see progress, time spent, and more.


  • Competitive edge in sales
  • Lower TCO vs. in-house development
  • Fast implementation
  • Customizable courses
  • Metrics to gauge effectiveness of employee training programs


  • Complete: courses developed by experienced construction professionals
  • Cost effective: special volume pricing, with optional white-labeling
  • Customizable: add-on modules to address company-specific content requirements
  • Simple interface: minimal ramp-up time
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Course Example: Stack Effect
Example: Learn more button

BHE courses use animations, graphics, and videos to illustrate the science behind energy efficient home construction.

The visuals are complemented by the audio track that clearly explains each concept. Where helpful we have added buttons so you can learn more about a particular topic.


Example: Top menu and lower navigation bar

The courses are made up of components accessed using the top menu. The navigation bar along the bottom lets you jump back or forward, pause, replay, and set the volume.

There are quizzes to check your progress, and if you need to review material you can do so at any time. Our goal is to make sure your employees can take the final test with confidence and succeed in getting their certificate of completion.

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