Our Team

"If you are planning a house build or renovation, understanding Building Science is important to avoid repetitive heating costs and possible water damage later. Shawna and her team know their stuff."

-K.W., General Manager, Halifax, NS

What drives us

Successful energy-saving retrofits and new home construction require a solid understanding of building science. The new building codes are pushing energy efficiency requirements further, and renovators, contractors and trades need to learn more about building science and good practice to stay in the game and answer questions from customers.

When you work in home construction and renovation, you're on the tools, you're scheduling jobs, you're husting more work, all the time. Taking time off the jobsite yourself, or taking your crews off the jobsite is costly. We know, because we've been there.

Blue House Energy provides online learning at a much lower cost and higher convenience compared to classroom training. Our courses are easy to access and won't take crews off job sites. Our self-paced courses that will change the way you think about the building envelope and energy efficiency. The animations and videos clearly explain the the hows and whys of building science.



Shawna Henderson (CEO)

Shawna is our resident building science expert, designer of green homes, and planner for deep energy retrofits. A sought after speaker, author, and blogger, she has published numerous books, research reports, and technical studies in the industry. She was co-chair of the Education Activation Team for the Net Zero Energy House Coalition and sat on the Trilateral Green Building Construction Task Force (2013-2015), led by the Secretariat of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). More >>

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Hal Richman (COO)

Hal is our strategic visionary. He provides marketing, business development, project management, and operations for the company as well as conducting rigorous financial analysis of energy savings measures. He participates in the quantitative and qualitative analysis for building science research in areas such as NetZero.

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To keep Blue House Energy flexible, and our prices competitive, Shawna and Hal rely on a crackerjack roster of energy efficiency specialists, editors, graphic designers, web-learning specialists, and project managers to produce our courses. We support our local business community by contracting with other businesses who offer the services and products we need to bring high-quality training and content into being.

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Strategic Partners

  Intelliware is Blue House Energy's primary strategic partner and provides the portal for our learning management system. They are a custom software development company based in Toronto.
BFH logo Bfreehomes Design Ltd. is where on-the-ground home design and consulting for real people meets applied research in high performance housing. Bfreehomes delivers a variety of services for homeowners wishing to build a new home or renovate an old one with energy efficiency as a primary consideration.