Training Partner Program

Training partners use BHE Building Science Basics online training program as a preparatory course for classroom training.


BHE courses are short, sweet and to the point.
Concepts are explained through graphics and animations.
Designed for busy schedules, topics can be digested in 10 to 15 minute chunks.

Building Science Basics gives you a convenient way to bring your new trainees up to speed on the absolute fundamentals, before their bums hit the seats in your classroom. You can drill deeper into the practical aspects of diagnostics, air sealing, insulation applications, and rating procedures. The science has already been explained.

Our aim is to help you get better results for your trainees, and by doing so, get better results for your training organization.

A customizable exit survey at the end of the course allows you to gauge who's got significant experience, who doesn't, who's interested in more fundamentals, who's interested in more practical, hands-on.
Or whatever else you want to find out about your trainees' knowledge level.
Putting this course in front of your classroom training can help you tailor your teaching style or your curriculum focus,
assess what kinds of resource material you should have on hand, and how to split up the class into small working groups.


Review course content here:

We can have you up and running with Building Science Basics, quickly and

No fuss, no muss, not even a requirement for you to set up website interface.
Our full-function learning management system (LMS) does all the work for you after you've registered your trainees:
welcome emails, completion emails, and certificates of completion are automatically generated by the LMS.
You get full administration access to reports on progress and completion rates for your trainees.
We walk you through the set up process, make sure it's working smoothly and provide technical support if you need it,
but you probably won't, because it's nice and simple at your end, and strong and robust at our end.

Click here to see what the course administration stuff looks like.

Training Partner Fees (+ applicable taxes)

Building Science Basics:

Min. 10 course starts: $95 per start
11 - 24 course starts: $85 per start
25 & up course starts: $75 per start

To find out more, call Shawna Henderson, CEO of Blue House Energy directly at 1.902.489.1014

Other stuff:

Building Science Basics Challenge Exam and other courses are also available for training partners. 

Reseller-branded (customized) subscription is priced separately from course starts.

BHE can also produce custom content for your specific program. 

Training Partners can also participate in one of BHE’s Reseller programs if they choose to offer BHE courses for sale outside of their classroom training programs.

Please contact us for details.